Monday, August 31, 2009

Well, what do you do on your day off, is a popular question, this weekend was no exception. I feel so worn out and tired that I need another weekend to recover.

I have loved attending the farmer's market down at Thanksgiving Point. This week I picked up some pears and peaches to bottle. I had still not heard about my pickling cucumbers that I had ordered from a local farm stand so I decided to stop by on the way home, and they had picked the cucumbers that morning. As I was leaving I noticed some apples that they had marked for $3 a box because they had been bruised by a hail storm a week before so I had to buy 2 boxes of those too! So I thought I had my work cut out for me. On Saturday morning I got up and made 4 batches of strawberry jam, I got a call from another local farm stand that I had asked to be put on her wait list for pickling cucumbers (thinking that the other place was not going to work out). This lady had picked extra especially for me to help me out, so I felt like I had to take those too. So 50lbs of cucumbers make a lot of pickles, then apples for applesauce and bottled pears and peaches, it was so much fun. The last batch of bottles came out at 11:54pm and then off to bed. Needless to say the day was full of fun, and lots and lots of work.

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  1. That is so much work but actually looks fun. I know where I am coming if I need any food storage.