Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Salt Lake City Cemetry

The Girls at President Hinckley's Grave and their new Virtue Flag where they have made a commitment to be Virtuous!
The Girls at Sunset pointing out the Temples, Jordan River, Draper, and our very own Oquirrh Mountain

Everyone at President Hinckley's Grave, where we shared memories of him and what we loved about him in addition to talking about the 6 B's At the park eating our "sack dinner's" and gourmet cupcakes! They were delicious!
Overall I think this activity was awesome. We helped the girls fulfill another Virtue Value experience and had time to talk with them about some really serious stuff while at the same time having fun! We got to get rubbing of President Hinckley's grave and the girls got to feel the spirit, which of course is the most important. I loved this activity and hope that we can go back the the cemetery and have a scavenger hunt of the famous graves, better write that down before I forget!

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  1. Thanks for the gourmet cupcakes! They were so good. It was such a fun night. The girls sure love you. And thanks for the offer to pump the gas.