Saturday, January 21, 2012

Young Women's

I don't know if I ever told anyone, but I have been the Young Women's 2nd Counseler for a couple of months.  It has been a great experience working with the younger beehives, they are wonderful and excited about everything.  Some of the upcoming activities we are doing are

Fort Night
Sacrament Bread Night
Adopt a Grandma
Scripture Bags
Modesty "what does your wrapper say about you?"
Parable of the Popcorn "A night to fulfill our potential"

I would love additional ideas if anyone has them

This week we played Scripture Basketball, all the girls had a ton of fun and are excited for the things that are coming up!

As for me so far so good, my treatments seem to be working, my #'s have come down significantly, the only bummer is my white count is up indicating I have an infection, which could head south quickly, nothing if evident right now which is concerning, but they are going to retreat a sinus infection that I had 3 wks ago with the hope that it is the problem.  Cross my fingers and hope to feel better!

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  1. Wonderful awesome activities!!!! WOuld I expect less? NO. Cuz you are the WOMAN! Fort night, popcorn night.....ahhhhh, sounds like they have a new twist to them.

    Being in there with you was the highlight of my calling! You were so great. I learned a lot from you!

    Thanks for calling to check on me. I was having a hard time, but I am good now. I just wish Thursday would hurry.....that is his P-day. I need another letter.