Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So I just got home from the Dr's and bummer of news.  My new medicine is controlling my symptoms but not my body.  So my most recent labs showed that my inflammation marker is back up.  So Dr wants me to consider changing meds.  Bummer because the new med is done through IV infusion that take about 3 hours.  It is more expensive etc.....  Bummer Bummer Bummer  Now I have to try to make another impossible decision and do what I think is right.  Time to get out the old knee pads, I am sure I will be on my knees a lot trying to make this decision.  Bummer Bummer Bummer


  1. This sounds real similar to a medicine I was on for years, Remicade. I used to have to try to pay for it, and one day a nurse told me about a reimbursement program for the medication! I wondered why no one had told me until then. Anyhow, you might already know, but many of these expensive medication have either reimbursement programs or foundations who just flat out pay for the medicine. I've taken advantage of both kinds and saved thousands of dollars!! Also, I never minded the three-to-four hour intravenous meds. It gave me some downtime to read a book :)

  2. Are you kidding? There seriously must be a HUGE pot of gold or BIG basket of blessings at the end of this rainbow.

    Love you.

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