Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cross your finger, say a little prayer, cross your fingers.....

So today I went in for my blood draw, a pretty routine thing every 6-8 wks.  I did put this off more then the 8 wks because of the new shots that I am on.  Now I am not one to like giving myself injections and the medicine burns quite a bit, so I make the NP that I work for give it to me.  That will be a problem next week when I am on vacation.  Mom has offered to help me do it, I think I can trust her.  So normally blood work is a breeze, I go in, I don't have to check in due to new "Express Passes" and then I wait for the lab lady.  Today I was super nervous so I put it off until 5:30pm.  I guess I should go earlier, the late lab lady poked me twice and got someone else, who then asked for my advice and actually took it.  So that is 3 pokes for blood today, hope I don't bruise too bad.  I am crossing my fingers that my inflammation factor has gone down.  It would be a good indication that things are looking up and that the 10,000 a month shots are working.  This could be a bit premature though the Dr said it could take 6 months for me to start feeling the effects and have a change in my blood work.  So here is to lower inflammation factors and not getting sick (so far) and 3 pokes for blood.  I will let you know when I know.  Life is looking up in general as I leave for vacation in a few days!

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