Saturday, February 5, 2011

I just posted on my family blog, so I decided to post it here as well, you should all get most of it, if not just laugh at me, it's ok! 


My life has been super crazy lately and it has been awhile since I have gotten on. Yes I agree this should be the Becky and Lana exchange stories, etc... Blog. Life here in Utah has been pretty dang cold as of lately. For several days early this week it did not get above 20 degree's. Needless to say my walk into the hospital has been super cold as we have to park out in the north 40.
My life has been all over the map lately. My arthritis has been super bad lately that another stress dose of prednisone was needed to allow me to bend my arm. I started a new medication that has a list of really scary side effects but hopefully it helps. This medication is generic so it's cheap, the next medication is $2000 a month so I am hoping we don't have to go there. But the nausea, sores in my mouth and my hair falling out is starting to kind of freak me out. We just doubled the medicine that I have to take to counter act the side effects, so maybe that will help, it will be another couple of weeks before we find out if things are working or not.
I am loving my job, my boss is great, my patients and their families are great. We just had a major change so I think everything will now fall into place. I love the fact that the cute old people are in need of a person who cares and will listen to them. Their stories are fascinating and wonderful. Their courage and determination inspired me to no end. Oh the places you will go the things you will do, the people you will meet! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

I am still in Young Women's and loving every minute of it. The girls are wonderful and so caring. They are full of energy and love and I love them so much. It is so much fun to see them get older and wiser and move on to better things. I just accepted an assignment to work in the temple on Wed mornings. I am excited but a little nervous about things, but I am sure it will be wonderful! I was asked to talk in Sacrament meeting in a couple of weeks, which I really don't like doing, but I must need to. Anyone with advise on speaking on The proclamation to the World on the family, please send ideas my way.
Travel plans so far this year are a week in northern California salmon fishing with my family, we are renting a house right by the beach and it should be a great adventure for all of us. I then am going to spend a week driving up the Oregon coast with a friend (that is still in the planning phase so hopefully it will turn out). I plan on spending a few days in AZ visiting my grandma and grandpa wood. Girls camp is in August, family reunion over Labor day weekend. I am sure a couple other fun things are to come as well.
I really miss you all in Florida. I occasionally have dreams that I am there to visit. I am hoping that happens maybe next year, we will see. Spring time sounds nice for a warm weather get away.
How are thing with the family? Kids still doing well? Bethany, Jake? I heard Megan had her baby and he is cute (according to LaNece). Several of my friends are expecting and I am super excited for them. I feel like I am writing a book, so I will finish and be done for another little bit.
Keep in touch, I miss you all and love our family not matter how far away, I am sending my love and prayer and thoughts your way! May the Lord bless and keep you safe until we meet again!

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