Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Day another crisis

Do you ever just wish the crisis's would end?  Work crisis, health crisis, church issues, friend issues?  I really need to get a break here, but today it has all come to a head.

Got to work early to try to get ready for the day before the interviews came, didn't really happen.  We did interviews and went late.  Got back to work with 5 people sitting in my lobby upset that I made them wait, hurry got them in and ran off the the Dr's appt, my heart rate not so good when I get there, trying to decide what to do about it, Dr gets paged from the ER (he is on call today).  Listen to him talk with the ER Dr for 20 minutes trying to figure out what is wrong with poor lady in the ER.  He focuses his attention on me again to be interrupted by the ER again.  Getting back to the heart rate we discuss what to do, add meds, live with it, etc....  He wants to start med specific "beta blocker"  I can't take that because of asthma, he looks it up, thinks it "may be ok", ask him to call pulm Dr, he says maybe not...  Do surgery???  Live with it????  We make a decision and then move on.  Run back to work desk is stacked with paperwork (where did that all come from)?  Run around all day help Pt's, boos says can you believe it's 6pm?  Freak out, people are coming to my house at 7 and it's 6:15.  Tell my boss I have to go, no options.  Pile everything up throw it in a drawer and run out, I have 3 messages on the cell.  Listen to them, issues with YW tonight (the thing at my house at 7).  Call her back figure it out, call mom to see if someone is home, can't reach anyone, start to freak out, call cell # no answer, call Dad, he is home, call person back tell them to come.  Get other messages.  Friend having a crisis, needs help right away, other Dr's office called they need to talk to me (good bad????)  call back they are gone for the day, call friend tell her I will come over after thing at my house. 
Thing at the house, turns out ok, not great, but who really cares, clean up kick people out etc....  Leave for friends house, OMG I am out of gas, stop for gas, OMG it went up 25 cents from this morning!  Call friend leave a message I am on my way, fill up, get on freeway, get a text, get off freeway, friend says don't come, text her back, turn around go home.  Friend texts back, pull over, read text, still head home, get call from friend, pull over, she wants me to come back, turn around head back to her house, drop stuff off, help her with the issue, make her promise to call first thing make sure she is ok.  Turn around come back home, mail is spilling out of the mail box, get the mail, pull up the email send email, tell her I am thinking about her, that i love her.  Go through mail, get card from other friend, she is wonderful, not sure how I would have made it through the day with everything, she is beyond wonderful, inspired.  Type this way to long narrative and them I am going to bed.  Hope I wasn't too boring, my life is out of control, I need for something to go right for a change, tomorrow is a day that I have that possibility.  Pray for my friend in crisis, she needs it way more then I do!  Peace out, good night!


  1. I am sorry life is so messy. What did you decide? I hope you are okay. I pray for you every night. I am glad the card made you smile....at least I am guessing it was my card.:) I love you tons! Hang in there.

  2. Wow! I am exhausted just reading this! You amaze me - and you touch so many lives just being you. I love ya so much. We can rest in the next life right?