Sunday, November 21, 2010

30 Days of Thanks # 21

Today I am grateful for quiet thoughtful moments of reflection.  Last night I was having a hard time getting everything done that I wanted done.  I was feeling stressed out and generally not a happy camper.  I sat for a moment on my bed at the verge of tears.  Almost crying kills me, I hate crying, it makes me feel like a child that can't get over themselves.  I said a simple quiet prayer and everything changed.  I felt enveloped in a warm, loving, blanket.  I know that if I would take more time for contemplation that I would not have so many of these moments.  I also know that Satan is working really hard to break me down.  So goal for this week, take a few moments amidst the craziness of Thanksgiving and reflect on what I am really here to do, what I need to be doing right this moment. 

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