Wednesday, September 1, 2010

YW Clean Slate Activity

Last night we had a great activity. We decided to challenge the girls to start the school year off with a Clean Slate. We talked about how the Anti Nephi-Lehi's buried their weapons and vowed never to pick them up again. They watched their family members be slaughtered by the Lamanites when they came again them to war. Some of those Lamanites were converted. We told the girls we wanted them to choose something that they are doing that they shouldn't be, or choose something they need to be doing that they are not doing right now. We wrote those "sins" down and burned them, to get rid of them. We then told them for the next month we will be focusing on getting rid of that bad habit or sin. We then made journals for the girls to monitor their progress. We also have 5 traveling journals going around that we want the girls to write words of encouragement in to inspire the other girls! It was a great activity.

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