Thursday, August 5, 2010

YW John Moyle House Fieldtrip

At the end of June we visited the John Moyle house in Alpine. For those of you who don't know he walked from Alpine the the temple to work at a stone cutter. He would leave early Monday morning and return early Saturday morning. He had an accident and his lower leg was amputated so he made an artificial ankle and leg and continued as a stone cutter! What an inspiration! We then had pizza and Mini's cupcakes (a field trip tradition) in the park next to the house. The girls had a great time, I feel like we got to really talk to the girls!

This lady showed us a film and told us about the house and the grounds

Laurel and the girls talking about how things were then.
a marker on the property

Girls playing on the playground

Girls who were brave enough to climb up into the barricade thing to keep them safe from Indians.

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