Friday, January 29, 2010

YW Fort Night

We had one of the best activities ever this week. We had a Fort Night. All the young women brought sheets and blankets and pillows, the leaders brought some ladder and stools and we built a fort just like you do when you are a kid. We got all the girls into the fort where we had a fake fire and we talked about Moroni and how he fortified the cities that were weak, how they did it, why they did it etc... We talked about fortifying ourselves against Satan and things he uses to break us down. The Bishop came in a talked with us for a few minutes about the battles in Alma how the Nephites prepared and how the Lamanites prepared and what was different. We talked about our lives and how we must be spiritually prepared for the wars that Satan has waged on us. We then had treats and talked. To end the night we got all the girls out of the fort. Since the theme for this year is in Joshua we talked about Joshua and the defeat of Jericho. We talked about the faith it must have taken to follow what Heavenly Father had told him to do when it seemed so simple. We then marched around our fort 7 times and then blew horns and yelled like they did and knocked our fort down. It was a wonderful evening full of learning and great bonding moments with the girls!

The girls getting the fort built!

Sydney peaking out of the fort!

Laurel telling us about Moroni and what he did to fortify the cities!

The girls reading from the scriptures about Moroni.

Oreo's are Yummy

Getting out of the fort and getting ready for that last part of the lesson.

The girls marching around the fort

The girls blowing their horns and yelling and the fort coming down

The fort has been destroyed!

What a wonderful activity! Thanks Laurel for treating us to a wonderful night!

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  1. You got some Awesome pictures!! I am jealous. were with me in the treating. It is never, Thanks Laurel, it is thanks laurel/becky....we are a TEAM!!!