Saturday, January 16, 2010

Game Night

So over the Holiday's I decided that we had so much fun playing games that we would start a game night at our house. I told everyone it would be the 3rd Friday of the month and guess what last night was??? We had family and friends over and it was so much fun, I can't wait until next month.

Laurel, mom, Clara, LaNece, Evets, Terry

LaNece and Clara!
Maylin and Tatum playing the Wii

Clara, chomping on licorice she really liked it!
Garrett having mom unwrap chocolate for him and stuffing his mouth! It was so cute.

We learned how to play for Farkle, a dice game that we had so much fun playing. Here I am trying to decide what to do. Big decisions can be hard to make especially when you are not winning.

Jonathan kicked our butts the last round. The dice only went around the table six times and he won. He was on a roll and kicked our butts!

This is LaNece trying to add to Jonathan's luck

Here is mom trying to add to LaNece and Jonathan's luck!

Here is me after the last round. Jonathan kicked my butt and I had an all time low score of ZERO!

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  1. Last night was SO fun!! Thanks for letting me come. It was a terrific idea. Thanks for thinking of it.