Saturday, December 5, 2009

Young Women's Christmas Kidnap

This morning we had an "extra" activity for our young women. We kidnapped them early (7am) and had breakfast, stories, and games. It was so much fun, we were missing a few, but over all it was wonderful and I thought it was a great activity. We pulled the girls out of bed and took them start to Laurel's house, no change of clothes, make-up or anything. The girls were good sports and overall I thought it was a wonderful look at them.

Sarah and Karley Syd and Ashley

Katelyn getting our flour game ready.

The girls getting some yummy food
How much flour can you cut off without having it collapse so you have to eat the chocolate with out our hands in the flour!

Mckayla was being really careful!

Ashlan, McKayla, Katelyn, Jorie

Karley having to get the chocolate for a second time!

We then played a game where you had to guess the Christmas thing that was taped to your forehead. Here is Jorie she was Christmas Ornaments

Whitney was Santa Baby

Ashlan was Hot Chocolate

Here we are just hanging out and talking, it was wonderful.

Everyone is still looking pretty tired!


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