Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Next Day The Natural History Museum

Well we were well rested and had lots to see our last day in DC. In addition we were doing a nighttime bus tour and would not be getting back to the hotel until 11:30 or 12. We stopped for a picture with the capital in the background and the weather as you can see was threatening rain, but we only had a few sprinkles.

We started the day at the Natural History Museum.

This HUGE rock is banded Iron Ore. It dates to the Pre Cambrian era of the Dinosaurs, it is about 22 million years old! The picture does not do the rock justice because the banding was so cool!

This was the cool sign below the rock, just in case you didn't believe me it was that old!

There was so much to see in the Natural History museum we spent all morning there these are just a fraction of what we saw. The first is the largest uncut diamond that they have in their collection weighing in at about 84 carats!

This is the largest clear, unmounted diamond that they have in their collection it was I believe 68 carats. Simply gorgeous!

If you look closely can you tell what these are? I was totally amazing at the size of these rocks! These are various kinds of Opals!

This was really cool! Just looking at it now it looks like just some normal rocks. But check it out below!

Glow in the dark Rocks!!!

This was probably the most famous thing that we saw, the Hope Diamond. The world largest known Diamond weighing in at 83 carats. It was so amazingly cool! The story behind it is equally cool, but no time for that here.

We then went through the animal kingdom section, this is Mom with an average size Brown Bear! It sures looks big to me!

Leopard with it's kill, I didn't know that it could drag the animal up into its tree, but they have pretty amazing talents.

This was a huge Sea Spider, I took this picture for Tasha to show here even in the ocean there are spiders!

The skull of a Triceratops. The Dinosaur part of the museum was a disappointment for me. I forget that we have the world's largest Dinosaur museum down at Thanksgiving point and I have been there and it made the collection at the Natural History museum look small and limited. Just remember that we live close to the largest find of Triceratops's in the world. All of their examples were from Wyoming.

This was the Huge African Elephant in the middle of the museum. I didn't understand how large these animal are until I was right up next to one!

We then went down and had lunch at the cafeteria, chili and cornbread and chocolate pudding, I should have taken some pictures because it was pretty good! It was then on to the National Gallery! More to come later!

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