Wednesday, September 30, 2009


From the Freer Gallery we moved on to the Smithsonian Castle. We ate lunch here and then were moving on to the next Gallery when we walked into a Garden that had very unusual plants from different areas in the world.
This is mom in front of the castle.

This is the front of the castle.

Beautiful orange and pink double hibiscus

This was the most usual tree that my mom and I had seen. It had these cool trumpets hanging down from the branches it was way cool! Too bad it's from South America definitely will not grow in our area.

The cool trumpet blossoms.

Cool plant, Lobster Claw plant from Madagascar.
I learned a lot about why it's Smithsonian everything. So this English dude gave about 500,000 dollars back in 1886ish??? which is about 12-15 million today to the city to further science and education. He planed the castle (where he is buried) and laid out plans for what he wanted to do.
For those who have never been there all Smithsonian museum's are free!

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