Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to marry a Moroni

This girls show off their choices in husbands aka candy bars.

The TP wedding cake decoration!
The refreshment table with yummy cake and water. With strategic pictures of Moroni!

Well we had another great and successful activity tonight! We talked about qualities the girls would need to attract the type of guys they want to marry, like Moroni. We set up the room similar to a bridal shower and the girls all chose a candy bar which became the husband that they were going to marry. We told them to chose wisely, some did, so just got their favorite candy bar not realizing the impact. Overall it was a huge success thanks in part to our awesome leaders, Sister Hill and Sister Farley! They work so hard to make sure everything gets put together and is spiritually uplifting for the girls. An example of a candy bar description is

Butterfinger----This guy is a real klutz, from his hand to the floor in 2 seconds is his motto. While dating you noticed this on your first date while bowling the ball slipped out of his hand and flew backwards almost taking you out. When he proposed the ring flipped out of his hand onto the sidewalk and down the storm drain right next to your favorite park bench. (an hour later it was retrieved by the city fire department who incidentally know him on a first name basis). He is not so vocal but fulfills all of his Church callings, as the ward clerk he is always on the phone making appointments for the Bishop. You were married in the temple. He loves the Gospel and loves you a lot. You just have to ban him from doing the dishes, because you can’t afford to buy anymore new plates.

Thanks again to my partner in crime Sister Hill for pulling everything together with a wonderful lesson. I think that you have qualities that you could have married Moroni!


  1. Really cute. Sis. Park told me this am that her daughter couldn't figure out our humor. She said we asked something about Ammon's job and she said he did prosthesis and we said, "no dear he was a prophet." And we didn't laugh. Okay, I don't remember hearing that at all. I would have totally laughed at that and said something like business was slow so that is why he cut those guys arms off. Did you hear that? By the way, my Moroni is also a butterfinger.

  2. Love this idea. If you have a copy of what you said about all the candybars I would love for you to e-mail them to me. I also love the toilet paper cake. What a cute idea. I have a folder that I keep idea's so this would be great to add to it. I love that you post a lot of what you are doing. It helps me to be able to keep up with what my friends are doing in Utah.