Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Arlington Cemetery, The National Zoo and the US Archives

Arlington Cemetery, a sobering experience.

The National Zoo, Yes I saw Giant Panda's, it was amazing!
The National Archives, I saw the actual Constitution, Bill of Right and Declaration of Independence. This was awesome.

Now I am way tired and it is late so this was just a teaser of what we did today, so tomorrow look out for what is up!

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  1. Loving every bit of it! Yesterday, my kids had a wonderful clebration/acting out day for COnstitution Day. They had Ellis Island set up at the school and the kids we assigned countries to come from, the day was like that and ended with a "real" signing in ceremony as a citizen. I am so glad you are getting to see these great places. You and your mom look so happy.

    B of M night went well. We were missing 9 girls, but we ended up with the Laurel's and they had 4 there, so it was still a big group.